The Arburetum of Szeleste is also extraordinary from differrent aspects. Earl Andor Festetich founded this imposingly beautiful park in 1873 following the tradition of the English landscape architecture, alternating groved and free areas with dense forested parts. After Festetich baron Mihály Baich became the owner and real master of the park. Groups of pine trees from different species, yew tree-lined roads, chestnut grove, beautiful forest details interwoven with ivy, all these give rest to the soul of the visitors.

In the garden of perennials more rare, protected and beautiful herbaceous live, such as fritillary, queen candle, etc.

It is also unconventional that the arboretum has been open for the visitors free of charge since its creation.

One of the most beautiful sort of silver linden was bred from a tree with very regular, ovoid, dense crown and densely hairy leaf back found in the castle park in Szeleste. Now it is sold worldwide with the name of Szeleste. (In latin it is called Tilia tomentosa 'Szeleste'.)